Periodic Internal Controls Review

Periodic Internal Controls Review


A periodic Internal Controls Review is key element of our Internal Fraud Prevention Programme.

We recommend our clients to carry out a periodic review of the anti-fraud controls in place in order to ensure that they are operating effectively and consistently over the time.


Is it for you?


Our Fraud Risk Assessment is for you if you already had a Fraud Risk Assessment done in the past and you want to ensure that the anti-fraud controls are operating effectively.




√  Ensure that the internal controls framework is up-to-date,

√  Ensure anti-fraud controls are performed effectively and consistently over the time,

√  Enhance the benefits of the Fraud Risk Assessment.


Our Periodic Internal Controls Review


Initially we evaluate whether the anti-fraud controls framework is still up-to-date since the last Fraud Risk Assessment has been performed. Any new fraud risk identified is evaluated and appropriate recommendations on how to minimize it are made.

Then, we ensure anti-fraud controls have been performed effectively and consistently over the time by testing samples of documentation.

As a result of our testing, we produce a report highlighting any exception identified.


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