Internal Controls Implementation

Internal Controls Implementation


The Internal Controls Implementation is the second phase of our programme where missing anti-fraud controls are implemented.

Once all the anti-fraud controls have been implemented, a post-implementation review will be carried out to ensure that they are operating effectively.


Is this for you?


Our Internal Controls Implementation is for you if you already had our Fraud Risk Assessment done and you now want to implement any missing anti-fraud control.

We can also work with you if you:

√   had an internal control review done by somebody else (e.g. Internal Audit Departments, External Auditors, SOX Auditors, etc..) and you now need to implement any missing internal control or improve existing ones,

√  have been required to implement specific internal controls from your shareholder or headquarter.


Internal Controls Implementation


We will manage the entire Internal Controls Implementation project for you.

Your employees will be the ones setting up the anti-fraud controls and preparing any necessary documentation while we will guide them through the process.

This includes:

–        Setting up an initial implementation plan,

–        Identify key players and guide them through the process of implementation,

–        Periodic updates and implementation status to management,

–        Support in addressing any issue during the project.

The benefits of having us managing the project include:

√   fast implementation thanks to our tested and highly effective implementation plan,

√   assurance over accurate implementation.

Option 2: WE DO IT FOR YOU

In this case, we will take care of everything which is needed to ensure that missing anti-fraud controls are implemented.

Examples of what we could deliver under this scenario include (but not limited to):

–        Writing procedures to document processes,

–        Setting up templates,

–        Prepare and deliver trainings,

–        Communicate the changes in internal controls.

The benefits of having us managing the project include:

√   efficient and effective controls implementation thanks to our technical skills and experience,

√   no additional workload for your employees,

√   fast controls implementation.



Based on our extensive internal controls consultancy experience, we created an easy-to-use internal control toolkit to help you implement internal controls fast and entirely by yourself.

This is a great solution for companies on a small budget which still want to prevent fraud and improve internal controls

Check out the details on our dedicated website


Post-Implementation Review


Once all the anti-fraud controls have been implemented, we verify that they are working effectively.

This review usually takes place approximately 3 months after the end of the second phase. This is to give enough time to the business to implement and consolidate them over the following months.

Once they are consolidated, we come back and review whether they are in place and working effectively by verifying samples of documents.

We produce a report which highlights any exception noted.


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