Fraud Risk Assessment

  fraud risk assessment


Organisations often underestimate the consequences of internal fraud, their financial impact and the reputational damage which comes with it.

As recently reported by the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), “Fraud is now so common that its occurrence is no longer remarkable, only its scale.”

Fraud can have a catastrophic impact on businesses, especially if they are small or medium size companies.

The average loss due to internal fraud has been estimated in 5% of the company’s annual revenues.

Furthermore, the average loss is twice as much in companies where anti-fraud controls are not strong enough.

It has been largely demonstrated that the most effective and inexpensive strategy to fight fraud is to prevent it.

Based on our experience of preventing fraud gained from working with SMEs and start-ups for several years, we developed our Internal Fraud Prevention Programme which aims to minimize the risk of internal fraud.

The Fraud Risk Assessment is the first phase of our programme where areas with high risk of fraud are identified and recommendations on how to minimize the risk of fraud are delivered to you.


Is it for you?


Our Fraud Risk Assessment is for you if you:

√  Are a fast growing company,

√  Are a start-up,

√  Are a SME,

√  Just bought a new business,

√  Are restructuring your operations.




√  Minimize the direct costs of fraud (value of the stolen assets),

√  Minimize the indirect costs of fraud: costs of investigating, forensic examination, asset recovery costs, reputational damage, etc. …,

√  Deter potential fraud perpetrators,

√  Evaluate and manage the level of fraud risk taken,

√  Help increase the confidence investors,  regulators, board members and the general public have in the integrity of your company’s financial reports,

√  Comply with Directors’ duties.


Our Fraud Risk Assessment


The Fraud Risk Assessment is the first phase of our Internal Fraud Prevention Programme.

In this phase, we conduct a number of interviews with your employees to understand the anti-fraud controls you currently have in place.

We identify any potential fraud risk and we quantify it.

Working with your employees, we identify simple and effective solutions to address the risks identified. Our recommendations are tailored for your business and we make sure that they have minimum impact on your current operations.

At the end of this exercise, we deliver you a report explaining: the risks identified, the level of the risk and our recommendations on how to minimize it.


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