Anti-Fraud Trainings

Anti-Fraud Trainings


Benefits of Anti-Fraud Trainings


Fraud awareness and business ethics trainings are key elements of any well-rounded fraud prevention strategy.

There are a good number of reasons for this:

  • Approximately 40% of fraud instances are discovered thanks to tips from internal whistle-blowers. This means that training your employees on how to identify and report suspected instances of fraud is crucial to uncover fraudulent activities.
  • Increasing fraud awareness in the workplace is a great fraud deterrence.
  • Business ethics and tone at the tops trainings are key in supporting ethical behaviours across the organization. They are good reminders of the ethical rules they are expected to adhere to.
  • Ethical trainings provide employees a framework to anticipate ethical challenges, to recognize ethical dilemmas and to make ethically sound decisions.
  • Ethical trainings help preventing potential losses and damages caused by unethical business conduct.


Our Anti-Fraud Trainings


We offer a range of bespoken anti-fraud trainings covering:

√  Fraud awareness and prevention,

√  Fraud identification and red flags,

√  Internal controls best practices,

√  Business ethics and tone at the top,

√  Sarbanes-Oxley Act and its implications.


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